Friday, May 29, 2020

Adoption Facts / Open Adoption Myths


Do the expectant parents have a say in parenting my child?

There are so many misconceptions about what open adoption means. Having an open adoption is in no way comparable to co-parenting or shared custody in a divorce arrangement. It is not an “anything goes” arrangement. You are the parents. Expectant parents often decide adoption is the best choice for their child because of “sorrowful necessity” and their parental rights are terminated forever, but not their love. There are many people in a child’s life who are significant and encouraging: teachers, neighbors, relatives, coaches, and people in your church, for example. Why not expectant family?

Do we ever do closed adoptions?

CSSM carried out closed adoptions (when expectant parents and adoptive parents do not meet or exchange information) only when it is either the expressed wish of the expectant parents or due to some special and particular circumstances surrounding the welfare of the child. Closed adoptions represent a very small percentage of our placements.