Friday, May 29, 2020

Domestic / Cooperative Adoption

VanDort LeviYou may wish to adopt an infant or an older child from outside Montana, using the services of an adoption agency licensed in that state.  If you decide to use our services, Catholic Social Services of Montana is considered your “home study” agency.  We will complete your home study (preplacement evaluation) and provide postplacement services.  You will also be working with another agency, known as the “placing agency,” which has ties to the expectant parents.  It is our responsibility to ensure that potential homes are stable, secure, and prepared to handle the stresses of children.  In addition, we try to make certain that appropriate advice and counsel, as well as support, is given to you as prospective parents.  This is the purpose of the “home study.”


  • We accept applications from singles and married couples. If a couple has been married for two years or less, we do not refuse their application but we will look carefully at the stability of their marriage.
  • We have no religious requirements for the Domestic Program, but some placing agencies do.
  • Finally, we have no age restrictions, but when applicants are in their fifties or older, we counsel them as to what age child they might reasonably expect to adopt.
  • We require that those seeking to adopt are working with a licensed child-placing agency, so that you and the expectant parents receive quality services.


After a child is placed in your family, post-placement visits are required. The number of visits varies, according to the requirements of the placing agency.  We are charged with the responsibility to provide support to families and to ensure the child and family is coping satisfactorily.  In order to carry out this charge, at least one visit in the home is required after placement. We are not there to judge, but we want to help you in any way we can.  We will offer counsel on bonding and attachment issues, finalization, adjustment of family members, and help connect resources available for you and your family.