Friday, May 29, 2020

Expectant Parent Testimonials


Our best recommendations come from those we have served…


"I was really nervous to come to CSSM at first but I'm so happy I did. Everyone there was so helpful and understanding; the whole place just felt so welcoming.... I just really am amazed with how much you helped me and encouraged me in my situation...  I was really nervous to meet the adoptive couple.  I was scared that they were going to judge me, but they were so awesome about everything. They seemed to really understand what I was going through and were just so grateful that I had even considered adoption as an option. I fell in love with their whole family almost immediately."

"It helped to realize that I was not ready to be a dad.  The social worker helped me support the mother of my baby and follow through with our adoption plan.  Now we are both happy because our baby girl is thriving in a wonderful home."

"Catholic Social Services has been really helpful in my decision-making. I can speak my mind without a bias."

"Meeting the adoptive couple made my decision so much easier. Since the birth and placement of my baby, our relationship has grown. Life is working out the way I want. I'm in college, just bought a car and learning to be on my own."

"After several months of counseling I decided to parent my baby.  The counseling always felt supportive and never judgmental.  In fact I missed seeing my social worker but know that she's always there if I need someone just to talk to."

"CSSM was there for my many needs before the baby and adoption.  They are still helping me as I am getting on with my life and ability to parent my other child."


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