Friday, May 29, 2020

Financing an Adoption

Often we hear that adoption is too expensive. We want to help each family find a way to adopt because money should not be the reason a family is not able to adopt.  CSSM has developed a sliding scale to allow all families the ability to adopt according to their means. Our fees are paid by families over a period of time with  families establishing a payment schedule that fits their budget.
Many employers including the military offer a tax benefit to their employees so check with your employer to see if you qualify for such a benefit.
The federal government has established a tax credit that helps to provide adoptive families a tax credit to help to reimburse families for the cost of their adoption.  In 2013, Congress made the tax credit permanent.  The value of the tax credit adjusts every year based on a “cost of living” computation.  You can visit the IRS webpage to find the applicable amount.  All adoption related expenses can be claimed for the tax credit. This tax credit helps to make adoption an affordable option.

For more information visit:
There are some grants available to families adopting including
Adoptive couples with an approved home study may apply for grant assistance from
There are other ways to obtain the funding for adoption including some very creative methods such as garage sales, bake sales, and church member assistance.


Another Financing Tool For Your Journey

Once you are approved, in our pool of adoptive couples and need some tools to help finance your adoption journey, CSSM has teamed up with Your Adoption Finance Coach to help couples find tools to help them.  You will be provided with special login information.  Click here for an overview of help available and feel free to contact Allison for more information at [email protected] or 406-442-4130.