Financing An Adoption

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Adoption is a life-changing journey. A family thinking about adoption has a lot to consider and many questions to answer. One topic that tends to dominate the questions that arise regards the financing of an adoption.

“I cannot afford to adopt” is something we hear from families almost every day. While we understand and appreciate the financial hesitancies of families considering adoption, we do not feel that money should be the reason a family is not able to adopt. At Catholic Social Services of Montana, we strive to help each family make the adoption they desire possible.

It’s no exaggeration that the cost of adoption can be high. But there’s good news. Adoption financing is possible. From adoption grants and tax credits to fundraising ideas and employer assistance, there is an astounding number of resources families can turn to in order to help them secure the financing they need to move forward with their adoption plans.

No two adoptions are the same—each family’s situation and needs are unique. Whatever your situation is, however, just know that the knowledgeable and resourceful staff of CSSM are here to help educate you on your financing options and support you as you work to secure the assistance you need.

Adoption Financial Resources

It may seem like a lofty goal to many, but with preparation and rigorous money management, financing an adoption through personal savings is possible.

Many hopeful adoptive parents turn to fundraising when financing an adoption. There are many different ways to fundraise. You can get creative with it and get your community involved—whether it’s a GoFundMe page or a 5K race.

Please discuss the current adoption assistance information with your base personnel. You can also contact the Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 regarding adoption assistance for military families.

Adoption grants are one of the most financially responsible choices for adoption financing. There are many organizations that award adoption grants to qualified families. Each organization has different standards that families must meet to qualify, as well as varying levels of funding available. It’s a good idea to apply for several different grants rather than bet it all on a single grant option.

Some banks and credit unions offer adoption loan programs or home equity loans for adoption. Contact your local bank to find out what loan options may be available to you.

Use IRS Form 8839 to figure the amount of your adoption credit and any employer-provided adoption benefits you can exclude from your income for the adoption of an eligible child, which includes provisions for families adopting children either in the U.S. or internationally. The value of the tax credit adjusts every year based on a “cost of living” computation. You can visit the IRS webpage to find the applicable amount.

Your employer may offer adoption assistance in various forms. Ask your Human Resources Department to determine if your company offers assistance. For more information about employer adoption benefits please visit, contact the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption at 1-800-275-3832, or the National Adoption Center at 1-800-TO-ADOPT.