Friday, May 29, 2020

International Adoption

Morrissette girlsAdopting a child born in another country, to raise in your home in Montana, is an incredible journey.  Many children globally are waiting for the love of a permanent family.  Adoption is an amazing path to create a family, but it is not an easy journey. We are here to help.
CSSM has helped countless Montana families who have adopted children world-wide.  Our services are professional, ethcial, and caring, and our social work staff has over 110 years of experience collective working in adoption at CSSM.

Homestudy and Post Placement Requirements

  • As in any adoption, a homestudy is required before the adoption, and post-placement services after the child arrives home.   International adoption requires that your home study and post-placement services be completed by a licensed child-placing agency, such as CSSM.   You also contract with a placing agency that helps you with your dossier, travel, legal work, and placement while you are in the country.   The placing agency and countries determine the number of post-placement visits required.  We are happy to assist you in the process of finding a reliable placing agency, which is crutial.Gray Luke

Other Requirements, Options, Waiting and Travel

  • CSSM does not have any formal requirements for this program, but our policy is that we will help you to adopt one child, or related siblings.
  • The placing agencies and countries have very detailed requirements, in regard to age, children in the home, divorces, health, etc.
  • A few countries and agencies will work with single parents to adopt a child. CSSM is happy to provide adoptive services to single parents adopting internationally.
  • The waiting time for placement can range from months to many years.Dudley
  • One or more trips to the country are required.
  • Many people investigate adopting a child with special need which can range from minimal to significant medical/developmental challenges.  Often the fee to the placing agency is considerably lessened in the special needs program, so that children may find a family who can emotionally and financially care for their needs.