Phil Quinn

Mental Health Counselor

Phillip was born in Denver and raised in Littleton, CO before coming to Helena in 2006 to attend Carroll College where he earned his BA in Political Science and—more importantly—met his wife Tiffany, a Great Falls native. He worked at Intermountain in their Helena community services for 14 years after graduating, providing direct care and earning his Master’s in Counselor Education from MSU – Northern in 2016 to become a therapist.  In that role he provided therapy for a wide range of clients and focused on developing the therapy relationship to help people heal from past traumas and cope with life’s stressors as well as supervised other clinicians and case managers in their work. As a CSSM mental health counselor, Phil hopes to provide mental health support to those who need it and help the communities across the state learn how to identify and respond to mental health needs of those around them as we often turn to those we’re close to when we need help, even if we don’t know how to ask or express our needs.

Phil and Tiffany have 5 kids (so far) that keep them busy and love to go camping, enjoy good food, and the simple pleasure of sitting around a fire while the children run amok outside.  Phil loves cars and enjoys cooking and baking and is always happy to either discuss or argue over what the best looking sports car is, knowing there’s many good choices.